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Shanjuan Cave Double Bridge Qingyan Garden Wuxi Flash Pub Mausoleum of the Ming Emperor Plum Blossom Hill
Donglin College
IntroductionDonglin College is a famous college in ancient time of China, which is located in No
Taihu Lake Paradise
IntroductionTaihu Lake Paradise is directly opposite the best hotel in town, a hilltop resort th
Three Kingdoms City and Water Margin City
IntroductionThree Kingdoms City and Water Margin City are two popular filming locations in Wuxi.
Xihui Park
IntroductionXihui Park is a big scenic area gathered hills and forests, cultural relics and comf
Plum Garden and Hengshan Scenic Area
IntroductionWuxi Plum Garden and Hengshan Scenic Area is a famous Jiangnan garden which located
Turtle Head Islet
IntroductionTurtle Head Islet located in the southwest suburbs of Wuxi City, it is a peninsula o
Li Lake
IntroductionLi Lake's legend has it that 2,400 years ago Grand Master Fanli helped Goujian,
City of Tang Dynasty
IntroductionCity of Tang Dynasty lies in Dafu Hill, which is in the southeast of Wuxi. It had co
Jichang Garden
IntroductionThe Jichang Garden, also named the Garden for Ease of Mind and located at the easter
Wuxi Plum Garden
Situated west of Wuxi, the Plum Garden is most famous for thousands of red plum trees which blos